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Sophie Johnson

Sophie Johnson Doula

Hi, My name is Sophie Johnson, I am a birth and postnatal Doula based in Stockbridge, Hampshire. Stockbridge is a great location, it allows me to work in Winchester, The New Forest, Petersfield, Andover, Southampton, Basingstoke and Salisbury – plus all the villages in between.  I’m lucky: I absolutely love my job, supporting women in doing what they’ve always been capable of doing.  I help women find their own personal path through an incredible journey.   I think the biggest reason I am a doula is because I’m interested in others, and this drives me to improve my knowledge.  I learn so much from each client, it pushes me towards being a better doula and I’ve been a doing this now for almost five years.

Birth and postnatal care are my passions and I spend silly amounts of time planning and preparing things for clients.  In my experience, it’s often the smallest acts that can help create a positive birthing experience.  I get to know my clients very well, I like to make a woman feel cared for, anticipating a need without being asked.  If the woman has a partner present, I can help to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.  Depending on what the couple wants, I can help them feel as relaxed and confident as possible.

I have my ‘Doula library’ and I’m happy to lend out books (without charging late fees).  I’ll pack my oils too, plus some Rebozos shawls (if you’re not sure what they are, have a google, they are brilliant!).  I also have a couple of different sized birth pools which I’m happy to lend out to clients with no extra charges.

Whether you’re having your baby in a hospital, at home, in a birth centre or in the woods – I’m getting increasingly skilled in navigating back lanes and tiny villages at 3.00 am and I’ll travel up to about an hour.  If you think you might live too far away, get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.

Take care,  Sophie x

 Contact Sophie:
Website: https://www.sophiedoula.com/
Email – hampshiredoula@gmail.com
Call 07826696066