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Sophie Johnson

Sophie Johnson Birth and Postnatal Doula. Sophie is pictured standing in her kitchen holding a cup of coffee.

Hi, I’m Sophie Johnson, a birth and postnatal Doula based in Stockbridge, Hampshire.

I work in Winchester, The New Forest, Petersfield, The Meon Valley, Andover, Southampton, Basingstoke and Salisbury– plus all the villages in between. 

I’m lucky: I get to support women on their amazing birth journeys.  I help women on their own personal path and it is a massive privilege.

I learn a huge amount from each client, but I also have a lot of formal training (I’m trained in breast feeding support and tongue- tie awareness, essential oils, massage and Rebozo shawl work).

Hand written note on a pink background. Text of note reads: Dearest Sophie, Were to start to begin to thank you?!? I am so glas our paths crossed and I so hope they do again very soon. You helped me more than you will ever realise.

I spend silly amounts of time planning and preparing things for clients, but it is often the smallest, simplest acts that create a positive birthing experience.  I have learnt how to read a room, to sense how my client is feeling, to protect her space and her decisions.  When you feel relaxed and confident I have done my job.

I get to know my clients very well. I like to make you feel cared for, to anticipate needs without being asked.  If your partner is present, I can help give them things to do or make gentle suggestions if they appear nervous. I know I can never replace or improve on the energy a couple create together, so supporting THAT becomes my main priority.

I have a large ‘Doula library’ for my clients (I don’t charge late fees).  I own a couple of different sized birth pools which I’m more than happy to lend to any of my homebirth clients.
I love supporting home births, and I’m very pleased more women feel empowered to make this choice.

Whether you are having your baby in hospital, at home, in a birth centre or in the woods I’m very good at navigating back lanes through tiny villages ‪at 3:00am‬ and I’ll travel up to about an hour to get to you.

Take care,


 Contact Sophie Johnson:
Website: https://www.sophiedoula.com/
Email – hampshiredoula@gmail.com
Call 07826696066

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