Sophie Johnson Doula

My name is Sophie Johnson, I am a birth and postnatal Doula based in Stockbridge. I’m lucky: I absolutely love my job and it’s always a great privilege to be able to support women (and families) through their pregnancy, birth and beyond.

I’ve studied aromatherapy in childbirth and attended many other courses. Birth and postnatal care are my passions and I spend silly amounts of time planning and preparing things for clients.  In my experience, it’s often the small acts and tender touches that can help create a positive birthing experience, as well as enrich the postnatal care.

I have my ‘Doula library’ and I’m happy to lend out books without charging late fees.

I won’t ever advise you, that’s not my role. But I will encourage and help you in making your own choices so I know how I can best support you.

I’m getting increasingly skilled in navigating back lanes and tiny villages at 2.00 am and I’m happy to travel up to about an hour.  If you think you might live too far away, get in touch and I’ll see what I can do.

Take care,  Sophie x

 Contact Sophie:
email – Call 07826696066