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Sarah Dauncey

Sarah Dauncey Doula


Hello, I’m Sarah Dauncey. I’m the face behind Hampshire Doulas. I love supporting other doulas. I’m focused on telling everyone how amazing doulas are and how much wonderful support they can bring to your pregnancy, birth and life with baby.

I also help to run Positive Birth Portsmouth and facilitate the Postive Birth Movement Chichester Group.

My other interests include trying to get my teenage children to both study for their exams and shower every day and trying not to be too cynical as the parent of a primary school child for the third time.

If you’ve looked through all the lovely profiles on our page and can’t find anyone who’s available for your due date please get in touch with me and I will try to help you find a local doula.

Contact Sarah:

Use the Contact Page for this website 

Email hampshiredoulas at gmail.com

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