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Kadar Melinda

Melinda Doula in Winchester area pictured head and shoulders facing the camera with trees and blue sky in the background.

Hi Dear One.

Great to see you on my page. 

I am Melinda, I am Hungarian from Transilvania, Romania living in Winchester at the moment. I cover areas within one hour drive from my home. 

I have a strong belief that how we feel in our mothers womb and how we are welcomed in this world has huge importance. So for me offering love and support for a mother during this time of such magnitude, it is a great passion.

I can not change the world, I can not change systems but I can bring a difference in one life and for me, it does have the same significance.

I became a doula in 2011 after experiencing a totally different approach to birth that I had known up to then (having been a nurse for a couple of years by then) while assisting patients and friends in their birth. Suddenly I knew I want to bring this new information that birth is not all about pain and screaming, and medicalisation but it can be a beautiful, peaceful even orgasmic experience, to all women who come in my way and also this was the birth I wanted to experience it myself. 

Sadly a few years ago it became very clear that I may not have the fortune to experience birth firsthand. But having all this precious information, and the ability to accept and love people easily, to be a good empath made me want to reassure myself. I attended the Conscious Birthing doula course with Kate Woods in January 2020 wanting to reenter the doula world and work again.

Are you looking for antenatal and birth support?

I believe that through every woman’s body is encoded to know how to give birth, it is essential to prepare yourself for this precious transformative experience and for what comes after birth as well. 

I can be there to support you and your partner during this exciting, challenging journey to meet your baby, from shortly after the conception, during your pregnancy, labour and birth and on a shorter or longer distance afterwards if you wish.

I can offer you guidance and support in making informed choices about how to experience the birth that you are longing for.

 I am there to offer you the time and space where you can feel safe and free to ask your questions, express your fears and doubts. 

I am there to hold a sacred space, a continuous presence for you and for your baby while you both are doing your beautiful hard work, to offer you comfort measures in labour if you need and wish them. Whatever is your choice or your need I am there with acceptance, doing my very best to hold a warm, loving space to help you have an empowering and memorable birthing experience.

After birth I come to provide time for you to debrief from experience and ask any questions you might have, assist you with the first bathe.

If you are considering having me to be your doula initially we would have a free co-interview where we could make sure that we have a good fit. You will have a week after our meeting to make your decision.

Ideally, we would have three antenatal meetings before I go on-call, two weeks prior to your estimated due date until your baby is born, and I offer two visits afterwards. In between, you can reach out to me via email, by phone if you wish to. 

If you feel you need support during your pregnancy and/or afterwards but you don’t want a doula in the birth room that is fine too. We can anytime set up a personalised package for you.

Are you looking for postnatal support?

I am so happy that you are thinking of reaching out for support after birth.

Giving birth is a hard work for your body, soul and mind. Nurturing, nourishing support on all levels in this period has a great significance. We really need to recognize that the whole body needs great healing, whether it was a vaginal or a belly birth.

In an ideal situation this should be a time of rest and recovery while you are getting to know each other with your new baby and make the adjustments to a completely different life. 

I can offer you guidance and support to create your personalised Post Partum Plan so that you can set yourself up as best as you can to really enjoy the first few weeks, and also help you carry out that plan.

I am there to take off the weight from your and your partner’s shoulders, supporting you through emotional times, being there to listen to your birth story, your questions and your worries. I also provide practical help, like helping around the house with light cleaning, washing, preparing light meals, watching over your baby while you take a nap or a shower, preparing sitz bath for your best recovery. Everything depends on your needs really.

Other services

I offer support through baby loss, miscarriage, in a situation when you know your baby will likely not survive when your pregnancy is over.

I am a sound healing sacred drumming student practitioner and I am also offering sacred drum healing sessions, drum journeying. 

This beautiful sacred tool can be a great help to cleanse you from old fears, energies, to heal wounds that you may carry and prepare a smoother path in this new upcoming life.

Contact Melinda for more information

Please contact me via email: kadarmelinda.doula@gmail.com

Or  telephone  07780306000