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Di Craven Birth and Postnatal Doula

Di Craven Doula

Hi, My name is Di Craven and I live just outside Basingstoke on the Hampshire/Berkshire borders. I cover an area up to an hour from my home. I am married and a Mum to two very busy and independent late teens. Working as a doula enables me to be part of the miracle of everyday birth. Bringing a baby into the world can be an empowering and life-affirming experience. This is a time when a woman needs to feel respected and supported in her choices. To feel secure in the knowledge of continuous care and encouraged to feel confident in her bodies innate ability to labour well.

Birth Doula

My role as your birth doula would be to help you and your family negotiate the path to positive birth experience. I can help you find your way through the wealth of information available to you and provide the support and encouragement you need to shape your own path and then walk it beside you.

Every birth experience is unique, the process is often unpredictable and no woman can be offered her ‘ideal birth’. However, a birth partner with an understanding of that ideal is well placed to help create as positive an experience as possible. For this reason, it is important that you and your doula are the right fit.

We would initially meet for an informal chat to establish if that is the case. As part of the Birth Package, we would then meet 2 or 3 times during your pregnancy, to catch up and to have the discussions necessary to establish an understanding of your feelings about and intentions for your labour. I will always be available for you or your partner to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

I will be available and on call to attend your birth 24/7 from 38 weeks and will remain with you throughout your labour until you and baby are happily settled.

My role in labour is to provide constant nurturing support, responding to your needs as labour progresses. I am there to offer comfort aids, physical support, coping mechanisms and to guide and reassure your partner or other birth attendants to offer the support you may need. Often referred to as “holding your space” I can be an unobtrusive yet reassuring presence while you allow your body to do what it is meant to do, safe in the knowledge that someone absolutely “has your back”.

Postnatal Doula

As a Postnatal doula I can offer you and your partner the practical and emotional support at home in the early days and weeks as your new arrival becomes part of family life. This will mean something different for everyone. You may need support with older children, help to establish feeding, restore a little domestic order, walk the dog or cook some healthy meals for the family while you get to know your new baby. In modern society we often live away from our extended family and so removed from the extra help we may need at this time. My job is to offer that help; “Mothering the Mother” as she adjusts to her new role.

Mentored Doula

I am currently a Mentored Doula, which means that I have completed a Doula UK certified preparation course and have access to a mentor for support and supervision as I continue to learn from new experiences. This is reflected in my fees and pricing.

Contact Di

As no two women or set of circumstances are the same, I have no agenda other than to support you in doing things in the way that feels right for you, providing you with the kind of support you seek, without judgment. If you would like to meet up over a cuppa and find out a little more about each other and how we might work together please do get in touch for a completely free and non– obligatory chat.

Email: dicraven@douladi.co.uk Or call: 07900 430719 or 01256 882526

Di Craven is also a Doula UK member Click here to view her profile.