Desiree Rawson. Birth and Postnatal Doula

Hello I’m Desiree, I am a qualified and experienced birth and postnatal doula, proudly recognised by Doula UK and based in Hampshire.

I live in a small village in North Warnborough near Hook in Hampshire with my husband Graeme and our two children, Willow (9) and Noah (5) and our dogs, Gizmo and Roxy. I have been a practising doula since 2012 and genuinely love what i do.

My first birth had a profound and lasting impact on me and I was determined that I would do everything I could to ensure that other women achieved their positive birth experiences. I had a doula present at my first birth and know how incredibly reassuring it is for a mother (and her partner) to have doula support – a woman who can relate to her on a personal and emotional level, a woman that protects her birthing space, listens and cares. A woman that offers that continuous support and has a calming reassurance.

I am passionate about women knowing what their choices are and being informed. Can birth be a positive, wonderful experience? Absolutely. Whether you’re planning a home birth or want ‘I want all the drugs’  kinda birth or even an elective cesarean – my role is to support you whichever way you like. Your choice. Your birth. Your way. This is your birth journey and I am privileged to share it with you. I am supportive, unbiased and non judgemental. I am always in your corner

​Aside from being a recognised birth doula with Doula UK, I am also an active service user at my local Hampshire MSLC which exists to improve maternity services for women, babies and birth partners. 

I am a current advanced DBS and am proficient in Paediatric First Aid

Living near Hook in Hampshire, I am very fortunate enough to be close to three county borders – Surrey, Berkshire and Wiltshire and have supported births at the following hospitals: Royal Surrey County Hospital, Royal Berkshire, Frimley Park hospital (Mulberry & labour ward) Basingstoke & North Hampshire., Royal Hampshire in Winchester and Princess Anne Maternity Hospital in Southampton. I generally travel up an hour from my home (RG29)

Please have a look at my website I have experience in supporting women/couples with both first and subsequent pregnancies. Also, waterbirths, VBACs, homebirth, gentle cesarean, single women, IVF pregnancies and clients whose first language is not English. Postnatally, I have experience in multiples as well as single babies and offer Night Doula support.

Previous clients recommendations.

Below are a selection of testimonials. If you would like to chat with a former client, please do ask to be connected

“Desiree was confident handling my newborns (who were smaller than average, having arrived early).  She was able to change, feed, wind and settle the babies using a range of techniques to ensure that the babies were as content as possible.  I particularly appreciated her ability to work efficiently, which maximised the amount of sleep I was able to get, and her willingness to listen out for the twins (who room with me) overnight, intervening quickly to settle them in between feeds, so that I could sleep a bit longer. However, it was not just Desiree’s practical skills that I appreciated – it was the support, friendship, smile and sense of humour that made her indispensable.  Without her help, I am not certain that I would have been able to achieve my aim of exclusively breastfeeding the twins.  The sense of relief I felt all day, knowing that Desiree was coming to help in the evening, was so welcome and really helped take the pressure off me. Desiree was incredibly supportive, I never felt pressured to do anything differently (as I had done with others), but I knew that she would offer very wise advice if asked.  Our whole family missed her very much when her time with us came to an end – if I could have kept her forever, I would have. I would have no hesitation in recommending Desiree to any future or new parents.  She is an absolute gem, whose help makes everything seem easier and has left me forever grateful!” A, mum to twins F & S

“I was so pleased to have Desiree there with me at the birth of my son. I was impressed with how professional she was and her knowledge of the birthing process. As wonderful as the midwives were, they just don’t have the time these days to offer the kind of emotional and practical support that a doula provides. It is very difficult to put a price on these things. I was just very relieved to have Desiree there as she made things so much more comfortable than they would have been! I also really valued the opportunity to talk through the birth afterwards.” W, mum to baby T.

“Desiree is a very reliable knowledgeable caring and enthusiastic lady who is very passionate about her work. She is always smiling and bonds with babies in no time. Thank you for all your help and support during the first few months Desiree. you really listened to use during your visit and offered lots of useful ideas which helped us prepare for the taking care of our little one and also thank you for restoring fun at bath time for our baby.” S, mum to baby A

“I cannot recommend Desiree highly enough. She supported and encouraged me through a very challenging 2nd birth by equipping me with knowledge and options, I felt very confident and relaxed during my 2nd pregnancy. I have never encountered a Doula before or after Desiree – all I can say is, after my experience with her, the benchmark for Doulas is exceptionally high! Thank you, Desiree, for all you have done for us” Linda, mum to baby P

“Desiree was awesome as she kept reassuring myself and my husband (who was very nervous). I don’t know how she does it but she has the unique ability to remain calm in the midst of chaos, thus keeping those around her calm too.Thank you Desiree ” M, mum to baby D

“She reassured me that she wasn’t there to take my place” O, dad to baby M

“Desiree is a very warm, calming and smiley person. She is really down to earth and homely which drew me to her instantly. She provided hands on support with me during labour and really listened to my needs. I think she makes the perfect doula and I would have her again if I had another baby” A, mum to baby M

​”Desiree supported me to ask for all the things I wanted for a “gentle c-section” which I had not heard of before (lights down, screen down to see baby come out, skin to skin asap) and this helped me to have a lovely birth experience’.  J, mum to baby R (elective gentle caesarean)

​”Desiree was fantastic during my labour, she was always supportive and positive which kept me going. I can still hear Desiree’s voice cheering me on. ” G, mum to baby H (VBAC)

​”Very happy with Desiree’s support, always supporting but never in the way” Dad to baby H