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Charlotte Bailey -Birth and Postnatal Doula

Charlotte Bailey Doula

I am a Doula. I am a mum. I am a sister. I am a friend.

I am a Birthing-Badass, a Birth Warrior.

I am a champion of women, of pregnant, labouring and postnatal Mamas; an enabler for new parents.

I have been a Maternity Nurse, a Student Midwife, a Facilitator for Women’s personal and social transformation.

I have been a stay-at-home mum, a work-at-home mum, an on-demand-breastfeeding mum, a stressed-out-and-sleep-deprived mum, a feeling-isolated-in-my-own-house mum, a my-life-has-turned-to-shit mum, a Postnatal Depression mum. I have been a single mum.

I am now a very-happy-well-balanced mum. I am now a Birth Warrior Mum.

Like so many other courageous women, my journey to becoming a Birth Warrior was a tough one. I was armored with knowledge; brave and determined to face labour powerfully and with intent.

I am committed to enabling all women to birth with the same force.

After the rush of Oxytocin calmed, and the buzz of having my new baby lulled, I felt alone. Without a good support network, I did what no Birth Warrior should ever do – I attempted to soldier on, never asking for help and pretending I could manage all by myself.

I forgot that it takes a village to raise a child. I learnt the hard way that it takes a village to raise a new mum too. Luckily my tribe rallied, and I found my strength again.

Now my promise to all new and expectant parents is to encourage you, praise you, enable you, support you and help you throughout your pregnancy, labour and beyond.

Without judgment. Without shame. Without comparisons or put-downs.

With courage, care and compassion (and no doubt the occasional swear word!).

Maybe you’re facing parenthood for the first time, maybe this is your second/third pregnancy, maybe you don’t have a (birth or life) partner to support you in labour or maybe you do have a partner but you’re looking for that extra level of support that enable you to achieve an empowered birthing experience…

I help pregnant women and their partners achieve a powerful and confident birth where they feel totally in control, even when things don’t go completely to plan.


When you chose to work with me in labour;

I will help you and your partner create a birth plan that takes into consideration many possible birth outcomes so that you can birth on your terms;

I will see you 3 times in pregnancy (or more), helping you to galvanize your self-belief and ease your fears around childbirth so that you can birth calmly and with courage;

I will be on-call for your labour from 38 weeks of pregnancy and stay stead-fast by your side until you are victorious in bringing your baby earth-side.

Sometimes pregnancy and labour can result in sad and difficult outcomes. Wherever your journey leads, I will walk the fire with you so that you have a birth-comrade you trust – that cares for you, understands you and always has your back – right by your side.


When you chose to work with me after your baby has been born;

I will live-in with you (for up to 4 weeks) to provide emotional and practical support around the clock so that you have support as/when you need it;

I will ensure you are well tended to during the day;

That you eat well and rest well so that you can regain your strength and totally rock at being a new mum;

I will support, encourage and cheer you on to become a breast feeding badass – IF that’s what you desire;

I will help settle your baby at night after feeds so that you can get some awesome kip and can be confident your baby is safe;

I will keep your house tidy and your laundry clean so that you have time to bond with your baby and share in that new love with your partner;

I will keep your older children entertained so that they feel as much cared for as your new baby and you can let go of the mum-guilt.

Basically, I will sweat the small stuff so that you can do what is most important – recover from labour, rest as much as you can and rise a glorious, victorious and empowered parent.

I work across the UK and internationally and have extensive experience with celebrity and high-profile clientele.



Here’s what some of the parents I have worked with have said about me (names have been changed to protect confidentiality)…

“Charlotte was very helpful to me when I felt worried about going to hospital appointments that made me feel anxious – I was concerned about being pressured into choices I didn’t actually want, or feeling bullied/belittled. It was extremely helpful there to have her as backup in case I forgot anything but also to empower me to explain exactly what it was I wanted, with confidence. I got the sense she was in my corner, coaching me through”

“Charlotte was an amazingly supportive and calming force for me at the birth of my 4th child. The delivery was somewhat traumatic, and although I had preferred to have a natural birth without epidural, complications arose and I was nearly passing out from pain. Charlotte was completely there for me, supporting whatever I wanted and needed, in the most soothing and reassuring manner. She encouraged me, held my hand, and cheered me on. I felt safe in the knowledge that she was looking out for me and would ensure that I was getting the best possible care for the circumstances. Her knowledge, professionalism, manner and assertiveness were exactly what I wanted and needed. I would use her again in a heartbeat.”

“Charlotte was excellent and I would rate her extremely highly. She was very patient with hearing our questions and provided good answers for us. She was very friendly and clearly passionate about helping parents bring up their babies. We would highly recommend her to anyone who has a new born and is struggling with breast feeding and wants some help and reassurance”.

“Charlotte was amazing and really caring and so thoughtful – she was my birthing partner and she stayed with me whole 24 hours – and she came to help me at home and get my baby in a great routine – she was fantastic in every way, I would highly recommend her”.

“Charlotte is fabulous and I would absolutely recommend her to anyone. I was going through such difficulties and she came in and was always so helpful and so pleasant and just the sweetest thing with the babies. She would do dinner and always pitched in and did more than asked. I was so overwhelmed and she has the calmest demeanor and always responded to my babies needs with absolute professionalism. We even invited her to Christmas with us – she became such a part of our family.”

“I am still grateful for what she did to this day. We had terrible issues – it was out of control and she stood by and guided us through everything. I was in a terrible state and she was absolutely brilliant. She is a very sensitive person and was very helpful. She is very easy to have in your home and knows when you need your space. She knew what she was doing and I felt we were in safe hands with her, she really is amazing. She saved our day. It was just what we needed.”



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