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Birth Affirmations Download

If you’ve heard us talk about birth affirmations. Or read the blog posts about positive affirmations or practical ways of working with your contractions. Or picked up one of our affirmation cards or leaflets at an event. You will know how useful positive birth affirmations can be. Affirmations help you change your thinking and changing your thinking helps to change how you feel. If you feel more relaxed you are giving yourself a tool to help you stay out of your head and allow your body to do the job of birthing your baby. Sometimes birth can feel scary but you can handle it.

Positive Birth Affirmations on a photo of lavender.

You can make your own affirmation cards to pin up around the house and help get your head in a positive exciting space for anticipating your birth. You can also save any of the affirmations we post regularly on Instagram.

Now you can also download a full set of affirmations to print out and use by clicking the link here.


Positive Birth affirmations can say whatever you want them to as long as it encourages you to feel relaxed, know your own power and be confident about your decisions. Using a lovely picture that makes you smile or feel relaxed will also help you increase your own positive hormones.

I am Surrounded By Love Positive Birth Affirmation on lavender background.