Getting to know each other

hampshire112016If you’ve been around our facebook page or blog at all you may well be already aware one of the main reasons Hampshire Doulas exists is to provide a space for doulas to support each other. We believe that our face to face meetups are really important and here’s why.

Doulas are self-employed and that can be really lonely. 

As self-employed people, we are responsible for running our businesses ourselves and everything that involves from the lovely fun parts of being with families at births and during those first weeks at home with a new baby to the less fun parts like filing tax returns and the really scary (for many doulas) parts like advertising what we do. Lots of us felt very lost with all of this especially when we first started so that’s one of the reasons we felt Hampshire Doulas was a good idea. We all have different skills and experiences and when we put those together and support each other through challenges not only do we feel all the warm fuzzy feelings but we get practical ideas and information that help us feel more confident with our jobs.

Meeting face to face encourages good communication.

Facebook and email groups are brilliant for chatting on a day to day basis and asking questions we need instant answers to but it’s really difficult to truly get to know someone when you aren’t talking face to face, you miss out on the tone of voice they use and all of the visual cues that show how people feel. We can have much deeper conversations when we meet in person.

Cake and hugs are available at meetups.

Sharing food with each other is a bonding experience and just like hugs produces oxytocin and doulas know all about the positive benefits of oxytocin.

Knowing each other better can help our clients too.

Getting to know each other allows us to know who we click with best and who we can work well with. This means we can offer our clients a confident back up arrangement and even the opportunity for a shared care arrangement which can help us relax and help our clients relax with confidence they will always have a doula they know and love by their side.


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