Looking for a Doula?

Do you know you want the kind of support a doula provides but not sure how to choose the right person for you?

Here are our top tips for finding a doula.

Think about what you want from your doula.

Are you looking for someone to support you as you decide what sort of birth you are planning, do you already know the kind of birth that you’re hoping for and want someone to support you as you make that clear to your care providers, are you looking for support once baby is here? When you’re reading through doulas profiles you will find some things stand out to you either that make you feel this person sounds like my kind of person or I don’t think we would be a good match. Use your gut to make a short list.

Make a first contact with a few doulas.

Email or call a few doulas. Let them have a little information about you, how many weeks pregnant you are, what is driving your search for a doula, what you’re expecting a doula to do for you. Ask questions about their personal doula philosophy, what support they offer if you’ve read about another skill they have in their profile (such as teaching yoga or baby massage) how would they use their skills to support you? Check they’re available and happy to work where you live.

Interview at least a couple of doulas. 

Once you feel confident you’ve got an idea about which doulas you might get on with best arrange to meet them and have a chat. This will be an opportunity to get to know them a little and find out if you feel a connection to each other. Don’t expect to ask all your questions about having or caring for a baby at this first interview it’s much more of a general chat about overall styles of working and for you to say what you would be hoping for with a doula. Write a list of all the detail questions you want to ask about labour, epidurals, placentas and the like and save them for your first antenatal meeting once you’ve chosen a doula.

Chat through with your partner or a good friend how you’re feeling.

Have a good think and sleep on it then make your decision and let your doula know you’d like to book with her. Now’s the best time to start asking questions and letting her know the finer details of what you’ll be hoping she covers in antenatal sessions or what you’re worried about and the many things you will want support with once baby is here. Take a couple of minutes and send a quick email or text to the other doulas you interviewed to let them know, thank you for meeting you and you’ve now chosen the right doula for you.

Hopefully one of our listed doulas will be the one for you. If you live in Hampshire and are looking for a birth or postnatal doula please click the link to our Find a Doula page and read through the introductions to all our doulas.  Please feel free to give any of us a call or send us an email, we love to talk about how we can support you. If you find you’re still struggling to find a doula please get in contact and we will do our best to help out.

Choose a doula